Gindi Wauchope: An Introductory into the Early 17th C Italian Rapier

Gareth, the instructor at the Fitzroy College of Arms, is going on paternity leave.

In order for classes to continue during this period, FCA has organised a guest instructor.

Hence, the FCA is proud to present:

An Introductory Course into the Early 17th C Italian rapier according to Ridolfo Capoferro

The course:

The rapier is a long, complex-hilted sword, optimised for the thrust. Italian rapier was very popular in Europe in the early 17th C, and Italy exported many swordfighting teachers, even to places as far away as Denmark and England.

The Italian fencing system bases itself on one idea, that of controlling the centreline to control the opponent. The primary contexts for this system is the duel but it was also used for play and self defence.

The course includes the system of footwork, the hierarchy of preferred attacks, and the ideas of tempo and measure which support those attacks. The physical skills of the system can be demanding therefore every lesson will include practicing these basic skills in isolation.

Instructor: Gindi Wauchope.

Gindi has been teaching medieval and renaissance combat using a variety of weapons since 2010. He has instructed members of the SCA and MSG in Rapier, Sword & Buckler, and Longsword combat in that time.

Gindi is currently the head instructor at the School of Historical Fencing, the president of Western Martial Academies of Australia (WMAA) and is highly respected by the WMA community in Melbourne.


The course begins on 13th August and finishes on the 22nd October (potentially 2 single week breaks during the term).

Classes will occur in the usual time and place – St Mark’s Hall in Fitzroy 19:30 – 21:30 each Thursday night.

Current membership in the FCA is not a requirement to take part in the course.

Cost $150 (there is a small discount for current members – talk to Gareth).

As this is a single bridging course before we return to our typical Elizabethan english style, the FCA is attempting to minimise equipment requirements (you won’t need to purchase a rapier to take part!).

That said, if you have any equipment that will help in the practice of rapier-play, please bring it.
To book, or if you have any queries, please contact:

  • or call Lisa on 0413 903 559